Lots of people have been asking about different coozie/cozy/cozie/sleeves for canning jars equipped with Cuppow, so we decided a few weeks ago to put together a super post with all of our favorites thus far (and to use the regional or selected nomenclature for such: -oozie, -ozy, -ozie, k-, c-). This is not, by any means, the entire offering for such products, just what we have found and know that we can stand behind for those of you who need some assistance in selecting the right one for your application. Here it goes:

1. Freaker USA - Wilmington, NC - $8

If you wanted to buy one product and be sure that it would fit on any size canning jar (1/2-pint, pint, quart, etc), or even anything, Freaker would be our go to solution. It is made from a stretchy knit elastic material that feels good in the hand. The Freaker is also machine washable, and comes in a ton of different colors and patterns. We have met the people who run the company and they are about as cool as it gets. (note: for pint size jars, just double the Freaker over and slip it over the jar)

2. Luke Warm Hand, Pendleton Jar Cozy - Portland, OR - $14 (Shipped!)

One of our favorites for the hand made category because, really, who doesn’t like Pendleton wool? Our pal Michael Parich hand makes each one of these, and can make them out of a variety of different Pendleton patterns. He stitches a cool rubbery elastic strip onto the inner surface, so that it is sure to hang onto your canning jar!

3. Handmade Knit Category - All over the place! - $6-8 (typically)

Our friend Danielle sells these cozies (pictured, #3) at Sherman Market in Union Square of Somerville, Massachusetts, and on her website at Crochetcore. Prices vary from $6-8, based on the style.

A Yellow Kitchen offers pint and quart sized cozies (not pictured), most with bottoms, which is kind of rare for knit cozies. Hannah makes these out of some really nice materials. Hand wash and they will last for years. Most are $8 on her etsy page.

4. Garbage Generic Neoprene Beer Coozie - FREE!

Yeah, that promotional beer coozie that you got in college or at the bar from the booze rep will stretch over a pint-sized canning jar just about perfectly. If you are not into whatever the advertisement is, just turn it inside out like we did for the photo. Neoprene probably has the best insulating properties of any coozie on the market (lol @ science)…and remember these are FREE. We walked to our corner liquor store and they gave us three…for nothing!

Also in the FREE category falls: that old NBA wristband, a wool sock, sleeve of a sweater, a bandana, and a cut-off wrist from a wool glove. It’s just about how creative you want to get.

5. Silicone Coffee Cup Sleeve - $3

Any of the silicone coffee cup sleeves, whether they were made for one of those ceramic look-alike to-go cups, or for paper to-go cups, will stretch over a pint-sized canning jar, no problem. It will probably stretch over a quart size as well, we just haven’t tried that out yet. (pictured is the DCI brand silicone sleeve)

We hope that you have enjoyed the OFFICIAL COOZIE/COZY AND/OR SLEEVE WRAP-UP SUPER POST, and make sure to Tweet (@cuppow), Tumblr-ize (, or facebook ( those pictures of your coozie/cozy/cozie/sleeve solutions and your Cuppow in action!!


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